Time flies, right? 😱 It’s been a while since I posted here and I think it’s the perfect occasion, here we go! ~

On April 30, 2012…

Millhiore arrived home, it was an indescribable feeling! 😍😍😍 I still remember thinking “Wow, she’s much bigger than it seems in photos!!!!” lol

Ive already been collecting figures for a few years, but seeing Uriko’s beautiful Dollfie Dreams made me want one very much. I even had to spend almost a year giving particular classes to save up and be able to buy one hahaha I remember having to choose between Millhiore and Mito Mashiro, both of them still look adorable to me 💜

2012, Millhiore
2012, Millhiore but showing her back 😏
2013, with Rise by Yuna in Salón del Manga 
2013, my collection room
2014, Yuuko, my second Dollfie Dream
2014, Melocotón before the faceup
2014, Melocotón after the faceup

How did Doll Photography started?

My father had a DSLR camera at home and I used to play with it. Both my figures and my dolls seemed so precious to me that I wanted to show them to the world the best way I could, this is how this hobby gradually emerged.

I ended up wanting them to look pretty, but also make them tell a story, seem alive, show emotions that I was going through… In the end, it becomes a form of creative expression.

By the way, do you remember my old blog? If so, please leave me a comment because it will make me infinitely excited to know that there are still such veteran readers 🥺🥺🥺

2015, Nebula’s year
2015, Nebula’s illustration by Neko-Rina 💙
2015, opening another hole in the wallet thanks to Azone 😂
2015, Coco comes home
2016. in the Pink Dolly Day 💗

Sharing my hobby!

2016, photo for the Ldoll Festival

While I share my photos and life in the hobby, meetings, events and talks show up. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most, being in contact with this community ^^

From Ldoll Festival (Lyon) to Animefest (Brno) with Figubo, and also Dolly Festival and Dolly Days in Barcelona. I keep those memories with great love 💜 💜 💜

Another important thing has been to be able to connect with people from all over the world thanks to the dolls. I really think the Dollfie Dream community is lovely, both in the forums and on social media as well as on my blog.

I’ve always felt it as something mutual: I started sharing tutorials, content, photography…, and on the other hand I feel very loved and supported, so the way I see it, I give but people also give it back ☺️

2017, Yuuko finally has her tattoo
2017, Lily and Miu
2018, Neb with Ruby from Zodake in Japan 
2018, Kanna arrives
2018, my collection room
2018, Neb and I as twins
2018, Glitch sneaks into the house
2019, Kog (my cat) and my collection room

Ups and downs, this is life

Yup, 10 years go a long way and in the end we are human. Look, I didn’t upload any post last year (it’s really hard for me to admit lol), but tastes come and go, life hits you hard sometimes and the things you used to do are left behind.

I’m not much of a talker on this topic, but I think it needs to be normalized because it happens to all of us. In my case, it was due to a personal problem that affected me a lot and the pandemic made it worse. Right now I feel more comfortable in video games, for example, than in taking my dolls out of the cabinets. I’m still in a moment of heavy changes and lately I’ve not felt that motivation and that energy of yesteryear, it goes by streaks. I don’t want to force it either, I think it would be worse, so I just take it easy.

2019, my Animefest talk thanks to Figubo
2019, Glitch as Futaba
2019, Yuuko and Infinity from shinneybjd
2020, trying new things with Neb
2020, Beel, Glitch and Neb
2021, Neb and me doing magic
2021, Millhiore in the #3weeksofDollPhotography

And now, what?

There’s a little thing that made me so happy lately, and it’s been the collab with Murasaki.me 💜 💜 💜 She’s such an artist: she created this outfit that looks AMAZING in Coco, and I took some photos for her 😍 Apart from this, I also really want to go to Dolly Day in September, see my friends again and reactivate the hobby.

2022, Coco wearing a Murasaki.me 💜
2022, Coco wearing a Murasaki.me 💜

In the end, the best thing from these 10 years, apart from creative freedom, are the experiences, the people I’ve met, the trips, the friends…

Seriously, I never thought that the simple fact of buying a doll would lead me to experience so many things, thanks for being part of this adventure ♡

Latest comments
  • I will be forever grateful that you decided to get beautiful Millhiore because she led me to the hobby. I remember that I had been newly introduced to Pinterest and was just sort of messing around when I happened to stumble across a pic of Millhiore holding out her hand to a butterfly. At that moment I thought “Wow… I have to get one of these dolls!!” It took a while and a lot of saving up, but now I have an adorable vinyl girl of my own.
    I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into sharing your wonderful thoughts and photos with us, and you have helped me in so many ways through your blogs. (I’ve read both of them, but this was after the new blog went up.) I can’t believe that it’s 10 years already, even if I only got to be here for the last 3, and I’m excited to be here for the years to come. Sending you and your dolls love and good vibes❤️❤️❤️

      • 😚🤞 I Like ALL Of THESE Stuff WONDER WHY BECAUSE I Like You Too Have a nice day:)

  • I Like it and glitch is such a cutei pie and nebula love you 🤗💞💗💖😍😚💕

  • I like glitch and nebula and they are a cutie pie love you^-^