Hello! ~ 

You can call me Orchid, nice to meet you!

I’m a doll photographer and collector, as well as a great lover of miniatures and all kind of figures and toys.

I’ve been collecting figures since 2009 but it wasn’t until 2011 that I started to practice photography with my first doll, a DDS Millhiore from Volks, which I still own and I love her.

Nowadays most of my collection focuses on articulated dolls, such as Dollfie Dream or Azone, as they allow me to create and represent my own characters, make them look alive and tell stories through photography.

© Caught red-handed by @Dollyshooter


The doll and figure photography has allowed me to achieve goals and to be part of great projects, among others:


  • Ldoll Festival 2018: my Nebula photography is the main visual of the best European doll convention.


  • I’m a photographer in Figubo, a community of figure/doll photographers from around the world, and I’ve been participating in their exhibitions since 2016.

doll photography


  • My works have been featured in several publications and magazines such as “Phygure” and “Figlove Photobook” from Figure Photo Studio.

doll photography