Body comparison: DDS-f³ vs DDS III

Long time no see you around here! 😱😱

 Today I wanted to do a little body comparison between the DDS-f³ (with the latest internal frame) and the DDS III. Kanna, in pink, is using the DDS-f³ and Coco, in blue, the DDS III one. 

Here we go! 💙

First impressions! ✨

The first thing I noticed about the DDS-f³ body is that the skin is super soft.


It’s so soft I want to die!


I also noticed that the DDS-f³ color is slightly more pink, but I don’t really know if they modified the color or if Coco turned a bit more yellow.

In the next photo you can see the tone difference between the bodies (both flesh skin):

Elbows 💪

As you can see, they hadn’t changed too much aesthetically. Also, they still work the same:

  • The first comparison photo shows the arm fully bent.
  • The second photo shows how it looks after putting the arm straight.

So yes: we have to introduce the forearm again to hide the joint. Even so, all this process is much easier with the DDS-f³.

Wrist joints 👋

The DDS-f³ includes these new joints Volks started to sell recently. They have an additional rotation movement compared to the old ones and they really allow you to pose the hand as you want. I love them ♡

Ankle joints 🦶

OMG The ankle joint works the same as the wrist! 😱

This improvement in the foot rotation helps both the stability and aesthetics when posing your doll. For example, if you want to do a dynamic pose with open legs, now you can put the foot as a human would do, parallel to the ground and not inclined.

On the other hand, there’s a little hole in the ankle joint I don’t like too much (you can see it in the pictures below, where they’re sitting) and the truth is that the feet are a bit loose when posing, at least in my body. For me, the ankle joint is one of the most important to asure the balance of my doll and prevent falls.

Shoulders, hip and legs 🦵

The shoulders and hip joints have improved a lot.

It’s true that the shoulder hole is now bigger, but now it has more movability and what’s better: now it’s so much easier to move arms and legs.

What I don’t really like is the back of the knees: they went back to the DDII design (I don’t know why), and aesthetically I prefer the DDIII by far. If you totally bend the DDS-f³/DDII legs, the knee pops out and it looks more natural on the DDIII, which it also pops out, but not that much. What a pity. 😔

Torso and head 😋

The torso and neck are some of the favorite parts among the DD community. Let’s see the upper torso piece to understand better the movability differences between the DDS-f³ and the previous internal frame:

© Photos from Volks


If you pay attention, the new design is based on a ball on which the upper part of the torso rotates: amazing improvement for posing our dolls!

Some time ago, this same piece from one of my other DDSIII bodies broke because it’s too hard and I had to replace it. I hope the maintenance and durability of this new frame will be much better.

The head part also got a lot better and now it won’t be necessary to add extra pieces to improve the movement of the neck.

Final conclusions about the DDS-f³ 💎

© Photo from Volks, DDS-f³ frame

In the end, what Volks is looking for with this new internal frame is to improve the movability, stability and breakage failures that the previous ones had. In theory, now it’s much easier to adjust the joint screws so you can tune the body as you want it.

Still, here’s my totally personal opinion about DDS-f³:


  • It’s much easier to pose
  • It’s steadier
  • No cracking sounds lol
  • I love the torso piece
  • Wrists and and ankles improved the movement a lot
  • To me, the skin touch is softer


  • The back of the knees
  • The loose ankles (although I’ll try to tighten the screws)
  • That the one-piece torso is not out yet 😒
  • The price has increased 4.000 ~ 5.000¥ depending on the body. Worth it? My opinion: if you only want to change the body, no. If you need a new body for a floating head, yes.

More info ℹ

Thanks for reading ♡

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  • Me gusto mucho tu comparacion, ya que asta ahora es la unica que e visto y muy detallada con fotografias. Me uviera gustado ver una comparacion asi antes de comprar mi dollfie dream y una decisoon ya que es un poco mas caro con este cuerpo f3, pero aun asi es estoy contecto con mi producto, se agradece mucho tus consejos y opiniones . Gracias por tu aporte

  • Thx for the comparison about the bodies, must have been quite some work 😀
    The new frame has a much better design internally,
    Too bad that knees still pop out when bending it more, kneeling poses could look nicer.
    I only have a DDP body based on the new frame and I really like it,
    Posing is easier, aside from that I like how DDP fills the gap between DDS and MDD size.

    Kanna posing in striped underwear is too cute(‐^▽^‐)