Hey there! How are you? 😋 Today I want to share the process of how I made a miniature living room for Miki Miki. I will also explain how I took the photo and editing. Here we go! ~ ♡


Creating a cozy living room


Idea and material preparation


As you would probably know, I’m fond of figure/doll photography contests, especially the ones from Figure Photo Studio. The current contest’s theme is “Idols” and, therefore, we have to use one or more figures of a Japanese Idol. The only one I have in my collection is Hoshii Miki from Phat Company, which is very casual, but I imagined a place where she could look comfortable in her house.

Using my Ikea toyssofa and shelf (the set is called HUSET, Doll’s furniture, living-room)-, I started to sketch the room you see below. I wanted it to have a big window to play with the light in the photo.

In order to make the room warmer, I thought of a wooden floor with a fluffy rug and a sofa covered by white fake leather.

The material that I used was the following:

  • Foam board for the walls, floor and ceiling
  • Balsa wood stocks for the floor and window
  • Synthetic white leather fabric for the sofa cover
  • Plush short hair fabric for the rug
  • Modeling materials such as cutter, cutting mat, white glue, etc.






The wooden floor


Rug and final composition

After completing the floor panels and the two walls I made the rug. I cut a rectangle out of the plush fabric and made several tests with the size (thanks Nikn for your advices ♡).

Finaly, I decorated the room with some Re-ments and miniatures that I had at home. I made the vase with the flowers using dried flowers that I bought on Etsy.




Photography and editing

Time to take photos! ~

My intention was to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, so I decided to use the natural light that comes through my window. For the backfill light I used a reflector that I strategically placed on a tripod.

Once the set was ready I started shooting, although in this case the editing took me a little more work. I took many pictures during the sunset, so I got several lighting results, both inside and outside the room. I wasn’t convinced by any of the original photos so I merged two of them, as you can see in the video below, to get the result I had in mind.



Photo editing: living room for Miki Hoshii

💻 [ Proceso de edición en Photostop: habitación para Miki Hoshii ] Tiempo real: 45 minutos. Ha sido un proceso sencillo en cuanto a ajustes de luz y color pero aún así me parecía curioso compartirlo ^_^ Si tienes alguna duda sobre algún paso solo pregunta 💛💻 [ Photoshop editing process: Living room for Miki Hoshii ] Real time: 45 minutes. It's been a quite simple process regarding to light and color stuff, but anyway I thought it would be interesting to share ^_^If you have some doubt about any part of the process just ask! 💛

Gepostet von Orchid Dolls am Donnerstag, 1. März 2018



Final result


How about? ^ _ ^
I’m well aware that it is not the typical image related to a “Japanese idol”: we all think of concerts, lights, amazing costumes and colorful photoshoots. My proposal is very different because my figure (my only idol in my collection) has set me the pace, but I am happy with the work I’ve done here. At the end of the day I prefer to participate (even with a very “casual” picture) that don’t even try.

And that’s all, I hope this post and the miniature living room process have been useful and, of course, if you have a doubt just ask me and I’ll happily reply ♥ Criticisms are also welcome ~ !

Update: the contest is over and my photo didn’t win but got the ‘fave’ award. Here you have the full photo album with all the participants, I’m happy with the result but I can’t wait for the next contest!

See you in the next post ~ ☺

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