¡Glitch, my second Mini Dollfie Dream!

Hello everyone! 🌸 I really wanted to show you my new Mini Dollfie Dream: Glitch! 💜

Warning before continuing reading:
you can suffer from cuteness overload 😱😱😱

Glitch, the naughty girl

This little rebel is a DDH-01 customized by the wonderful Clockwork Angel, who also did Nebula’s face up, my other 01 head.

I never tire of repeating it: Silvia (Clockwork Angel) is a magician of the kawaii makeup. It’s like she has the power to give dolls life and in the most adorable way you can imagine. ≧◡≦ Of course she also masters other styles (and also paints BJD), but this is the one I love the most 😍

For Glitch I sent her a little sketch of how she should look and she did magic. The makeup design is based on Melocotón, my freckled custom M.O.M.O. –who would be her older sister in their history– mixed with some features of the character Kizuna AI, the famous virtual youtuber. I love her expressiveness! ♡

► As for her personality, I’m still polishing it but in my head I can’t stop thinking about Vanellope from ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and Hiro from ‘Big Hero 6’ 😆 Specially because Glitch is the one that fixes Nebula (remember she’s a robot) but she’s also a mess haha

Anyway, I should start writing down the stories of my dolls 😵

Isn’t she a cutie pie? 😍

She’s my 7th Dollfie Dream at home now! When I got my first DD, back in 2012, I said “one and no more”. How wrong I was… 😂😂😂

And that’s all! For the moment these are the only photos I could take when her head came because that day she got stained (yes, you read well, stains…) because she wasn’t wearing the body stocking and I moved her arms after touching the lights that you see in the background. That’s my theory, because they are bright green stains, the same color as those lights.

It’s funny because I recommend wearing body stockings and washing your hands before handling Dollfie Dream, but I couldn’t wait lol But don’t worry, they’re small and I’ll clean them! >:D


Tell me what you think about this little girl in the comments, see you on social networks and here in the next post, *hugs* ~ 💜

Thanks for reading ♡

Latest comments
  • Aaaaaa me encantaaaa es super adorable tu nueva mdd . Muy bonitas las fotos >○< !!! .

  • Glad to see a new post from you. She’s gorgeous! ^^
    I like her face expression, looks great. Gongratz with a new amazing girl in your doll family.
    Btw I’m new at this doll hobby, and I’ll get my first MDD girl in next month, can’t wait for her <3

  • Ah, so she is the sister of Melocoton ^^
    Glitch (I hope she likes her name) looks adorable, I really like her unique facial features, you rarely see an MDD with a smug mouth. Is she an DDH-01? but she has wider eyes. In a few parts she resembles Kizuna Ai, her look is so refreshing and cute. I didn’t knew that Clockworkangel accepted commissions again, how nice.

    Glitch and Nebula look very sweet together (。♥‿♥。).
    Since Volks announced the DDP body in their shop recently, I will be able to have my 2 smaller girls’s together soon, too. The head I’ve won in an auction last year (name pending) will. keep the MDD body which actually belonged to my Kiseki, but she will get the youthful DDP frame in return.
    They grow so fast lol

  • What skin tones do Glitch and Neb have? Also, which way is best to contact the artist who did their makeup? I’m working on getting a MMD, but I’d like custom makeup rather than the default.

    • Oh, also, is it expensive to get custom makeup?