Ldoll Festival 2018 loot!

Hey there, come in! ~ 💕

It’s been a long time since I bought so many things at a doll event: in the last Ldoll Festival I wanted to take everything home! lol ~ 🛍️🛍️

Well, here’s all the Ldoll Festival 2018 loot, among which there is a beautiful custom Monster High 😍🐿️

Kitsune mask and Uchiwa from CherryMaou 🎏

kitsune mask

This beautiful mask is 3D printed and hand painted.


I’ve to say that CherryMaou is a super nice girl and we had a lot of fun with her lol ♡

mini dollfie dream
mini dollfie dream
mini dollfie dream

Two Pico Dragon by Aileen Doll Europe 🔥

aileen dolls dragons

aileen doll eyes

This is the story of how I ended up with 3 Pico Dragon after the Ldoll Festival

A day like any other I decided to go to the Blue Dolly Day. There I took some pictures of the wonderful Griffons by Aileen Doll, and I was asked for permission to use them in their web store and I said ‘yes’.

As a thank you present, they gave me two adorable Pico Dragon that I picked up at the Ldoll Festival 💜

And the third one, Orchid??

I’ll try to summarize: I asked Aileen Doll Europe if she could pick up the Photography Contest prize for, me in case my photo won (I wasn’t able to attend on Sunday), she agreed and I ended up getting the second position, and the prize was… a Pico Dragon! xDD So the funny thing is that she, the sponsor herself, went to pick it up lol

Many many thanks for everything Aileen Doll Europe, I can’t wait to assemble and paint them! 😍💜💙💗

DD hands with Momochi Doll‘s nails 🥝

dollfie dream nails

Kawaii cushions from Bobine a la fraise 🌟

doll cushions

Azone set for my Kikipop, bought at Dolls moe 🍭

azone kikipop
doll shoes
azone kikipop

Welcome home, Nutsy! 🌰

custom monster high

That’s it! Nutsy is my first custom Monster High and I’m completely in love with her ♡

This gorgeous squirrel is from Anastazia Customs. I already followed her amazing work on Instagram and YouTube *fangirls*, but when I saw it in person I could not resist purchasing one.

It was hard for me to decide, because I love all her custom MH, but this one has something that… I don’t know, she hypnotizes me 🧡

custom monster high
custom monster high

Certificate of authenticity ✉

anastazia custom
anastazia custom
custom monster high
custom monster high
custom monster high
custom monster high
custom monster high

⭐ What purchase did you like the most? ⭐


Thanks for reading ♡

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  • Aww~ now I really want this cute fox mask. It’s sooo beautiful! <3
    Just a wonderful loot. Congratz!

  • Hehe cool kitsune mask, it suits your girl very well.
    Kyahhh!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Pico Dragons, I really like those bjd animals the dragons in particular.
    Nutsy’s face is such a masterpice, I’m really impressed ♥
    and nice that the outfit was part of the purchase, too.