Review: BJD Bhiner, a dolls’ Taobao agent

Hi!! Welcome to this new review! ~ 🛍️

Today I want to share my opinion about BJD Bhiner, a Taobao agent for dolls that I used recently and everything went great 🥳

Let’s go!

My first time buying with BJD Bhiner!

BJD Bhiner is the first Taobao agent dedicated exclusively to dolls and all kind of accessories for them. Usually Taobao agents are generic, dedicated to Cosplay or fashion, but it was only a matter of time before a BJD related agent appeared.

The main reason I decided to buy at Taobao was this sofa. Yep, it’s a 1/3 scale sofa! 😱😱

I was looking for it for a very long time and this one was perfect (and quite cheap!). I also wanted the famous heart-shaped glasses 😍

My shopping list, links and prices:


Total: $64.24 (plus shipping costs)

How does it work?


Basically the purchase process is summarized in these phases:

  1. Look for the products you want
  2. Add them to the cart
  3. Make sure they are in stock (via quotes)
  4. Pay the products and the shipping cost from the shops to BJD Bhiner
  5. Once the products arrived there, check that everything is ok (they’ll send you photos)
  6. Make the payment of the shipping costs from BJD Bhiner to your home


My process as an example:


I checked in and started looking for the sofa I wanted. You can use both categories (clothes, shoes…) and the search button.


Useful tip! In the search button you can paste the original link of a Taobao product and… voilà!, it appears within the Bhiner interface.

So you can complete your purchase by also looking at my list of Taobao shops for BJD 😁


I asked them a question through the chat and they answered me in 16 hours, solving my doubt.

Once I had all the products in the cart I had to check if everything was in stock.

You can quote your products in the cart to get BJD Bhiner to contact the seller in orer to know if the product is still in stock, if it will take a longer time to be produced or any other information you should know. There are products like the sofa (photo below) which are mandatory to quote , but I personally recommend doing it on all items.


In my case, they only took 1 day to confirm all the products. These are some of the messages I received:

This was the sofa.

This was the smoothie, if I remember correctly lol


I checked out and paid for the products ($64.24), their commission fees ($4.72) and the shipping costs from the shops to the BJD Bhiner warehouse ($11.45) on July 3. Everything arrived the following week, except for the sofa. I’d already been warned that it would take longer because it’s made to order.

These are some of the photos they showed me on July 25 to prove that everything was fine:


On July 26, they sent me the second payment notification, which was $35.51, a little high price but it is due to the large dimensions of the sofa. I had 180 days to pay it, the maximum time they keep your products in their warehouse.

I paid for it that same day and the package arrived at my house on August 5 with a note from Customs 😆😆

Pros and cons of this service



✅ It’s 100% focused on dolls

✅ Great customer service and very good communication

✅ The website is super easy to use

✅ You can choose between several currencies, including euros, dollars and more



❌ If you search for an item, sometimes the second page doesn’t load correctly and the products start to repeat

❌ In the product translation, in some cases, errors and pieces of code appear (I hope they can solve this soon).

❌ Sometimes the search engine doesn’t understand you lol

❌ If the product is large, the shipping costs can increase

So Orchid, is it worth it? 😦

Yeah yeah… I know what you’re thinking about 😒 Why purchasing on Taobao when you can buy on other shops without using agent?

Well, my answer is simple: in order to have more shopping tools at your fingertips. Taobao is not my first option to buy online, but there are times that there is no other option if you want something that is only sold there, as the sofa in my case.

A very good friend of mine recommended me this Taobao agent and I had a great experience, so now I recommend it to you! 💙


Finally, I would like to clarify that you can find everything on Taobao: from legit products to fakes.


Now it’s your turn to get informed, investigate, buy responsibly and be aware of our actions.

That said, I hope this semi-tutorial / review has been helpful. Have a happy shopping! 🛍️

Thanks for reading ♡

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