Orchid Dolls 2.0. premiere

Welcome to my new blog’s unboxing!!





I am very happy to welcome you to my new home, which is also yours 😊

Today is December 9. It’s a special day for me for many reasons, but especially because today, exactly 4 years ago, I opened my old blog (yes, you can go and gossip) dedicated to photography, dolls and figure collection. A lot of things have happened since then, and all of them are great, but that website has become too small for me, and I think my readers feel the same. That is why I’ve prepared a list of things that I’ve improved for this occasion:

  • New and exclusive domain: orchiddolls.com
  • Improved graphic design: I wanted it to have the same essence as the old blog but more cozy, functional, clean and nice.
  • It’s 100% responsive, that is, it looks great on any type of screen.
  • Separated languages: in the old blog, the posts were written in Spanish and in English on the same page. Now if you read me in English you will not see anything in Spanish and vice versa. You just have to click on the flags on the top left to change the language:
  • No advertising (wiiiii~)
  • It’s optimized so that the photos look perfect. I have enlarged the area of the posts so I can put huge horizontal photos, among other things. ♡ I recommend you to take a look at my first photo shoot that I premiered here, Reverie, so you can experience it.
  • And more things that I keep for some surprise in the future 😛


¿What will happen to the old blog?

At the moment my idea is to not delete it and leave it there (with its old files), although I will bring the useful content (tutorials, guides…) here in order to have everything more centralized. For now you can see here my 10 tips for Doll Photography.

Dollfie Dream blog



Having said that,
The new blog is officially open!


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do sharing this hobby and thank you, thank you very much for everything!! 



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Latest comments
  • Your new site looks great! Well done!! 🙂 I love the big pictures and layout a lot.

  • It feels good to have an own domain to host your blog on ^^
    When I started blogging I decided to do that from the beginning for some reason haha.
    Nevertheless it’s was very impressive what a pretty blog you’ve made with a standard wordpress blog.
    As I already mentioned in my first comment on this new blog, it looks really great and appealing (^▽^).

    social media made blogs a bit old fashioned, as I noticed myself, still it’s a lot of fun to keep it running.
    keep up the good work and your beautiful photography 🙂

  • Yeah, I started my blog with passion and energy.
    I lost a little energy over the years, but I’m still passionate about it lol.
    2017 was a bit of a drag, but I will do my best 2018 or so I hope.

    “…where people can relax and spend time reading. it feels like time goes slowly…”
    Oh I never thought about it that way, that is a really nice way to describe it(‐^▽^‐)
    it’s important to have a different perspective sometimes, thank you.

    All the best for you in 2018 too ✰