❄️ Merry Christmas!!! ❄️

Long time no writing here!
But I didn’t want to miss my date with you here on my blog, so come on in, make yourself at home! ~

Bye bye to my new year goals 👋

So is, I think this year has changed us all (even a little bit), and has made us see things differently. In my case, there’ve been bad things, both family and hobby stuff: someone stole my camera in August and we still don’t know anything about the thief…

But I like to think that everything has two faces, like a coin, and good things have also happened this 2020. For example, in the middle of the quarantine you joined me in my #30daysofdollphotography challenge, that is no more, no less than one photo a day for 30 days in a row!!! 😱😱😱 That was just AMAZING, I’m super happy with the participation of the community (more than 8,000 posts to date) and all the work that we put into it day after day, the result was wonderful 💙


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Oh and *personal fun fact*: I bought Just Dance to exercise a bit during my quarantine, which as a video game addict that I am (God bless Animal Crossing, btw 🙌), I don’t think I would’ve started doing sports if I don’t see myself leveling up lol

So dancing had never caught my attention before, but here I am, a violinist with classical musical tastes, spending 2020 to the rhythm of Blackpink 😂 😂

And now what? 📸

My doll wishlist is empty, I’m still adapting to my new Canon EOS R6 and the mirrorless world and now I’m living day to day. I guess Covid has made us focus on other things this year – and probably next year -: has your life or hobby changed a lot?

Anyway, I just want to wish you a happy and calm Christmas and hope you’re healthy and motivated to do everything you want and more this next year 💜

Oh and I want to tell you, yes, you, who are reading my blog, thank you very much for reading me year after year, you have a special little place in my kokoro

Merry Christmas and HAPPY (really) 2021!!!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 💙
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  • Hey, Merry Christmas! Yeah, 2020 what a strange year that was.
    Really bad luck that your dear camera was stolen, I can imagine that you still miss it somehow

    I’m still healthy, motivation is a bit low. all my figure orders were delayed throughout the year, many even to 2021 XD
    I couldn’t do that much figure photography, so I focused a little on doll photography, but I haven’t found the time to edit them to the final stages.
    I bought myself a pretty Dollfie head, Aoko Aozaki and a new MDD Mochi-Ashi Base body, which is really fun, it looks adorable and the doll can easily stand on it’s own without much effort XD

    Great to hear you found fun in sporty dancing. One thing I did out of corona boredom, I re discovered the aquarium/aquascaping hobby,
    that I dropped in teenage years. It made and still makes me really happy to set up a nice fish tank again and adding dwarf shrimp and mini fishes to it. I’m overly excited about it so that my friends start to get a little annoyed lol.

    I really loved your adorable picture story, really great idea with the drawing. Merry Christmas holidays to you and your beloved ones.