The magic of dynamic doll poses


Hey there! I’ve always been a fan of the dynamic doll poses, they look so lively!
If you want to know how I took this photo, keep reading ~ 🎵


Get a good equipment


I’ve tried to recreate jumps, steps or difficult poses with different tools but now… now I have the definitive one!

It’s the flexible Acbjd stand you can see here below and on my Instagram video. I bought two: one for indoor use (to keep it new and clean), and another one for outdoor photography.


stand acbjd


They’re very sturdy and hold the weight of a Dollfie Dream perfectly. As you can see, it’s formed by a transparent base, a flexible “stick” and a clamp (in the video I hid it by putting Coco’s hair above).

This is the basic tool to get a dynamic pose for your doll. But we can go much further if we use more pieces to pose hair and clothes in the air. Photographers like Zodake or @Cute_Lilia dominate this art!




Pose your doll and shoot

You know I always advise to spend all the time you need to pose the doll. To learn more about this topic, read point 3 of my ‘10 tips for Doll Photography‘.

If it’s possible, hide the stand as much as you can, that will save you editing time.

Now choose the best angle and shoot. For dynamic doll poses try with low angles like those in this photo shoot, trust me 😉


Dollfie Dream

Original picture without editing





Time to do some magic! ~ These are the 3 main tools I use in Photoshop to erase stands and similar objects, with example videos of how they work:



Spot Healing Brush Tool




It’s a simple tool with which the program “deletes” the area you paint simulating a possible background. It works great for hairs, acne and in this case, our stand.

It’s important that the brush size is as similar as possible to the object that you are going to erase, in order to avoid weird things XD



Patch Tool




I use the patch to start with wider areas, such as the base of the stand. Draw an area and drag that selection to the texture you want. In my case, I choose the piece of grass that I like the most. The program does ‘copy and paste’ adapting the lights, shadows and edges.




Clone Stamp Tool




The Clone Stamp Tool does a selective ‘copy and paste’: set a point and clone it where you want. I like to clone in a new layer so this way I don’t lose the information of the original photo (sock and knee in this photo). Doing this allows me to polish delicate areas.



Final Result


dollfie dream



Dollfie Dream


dollfie dream

And that’s all, trick revealed! 😛

Once the stand is removed, you only have to edit the photo as any other. Of course, I advise not to over use the tools I’ve commented, because it’s very easy to make it look fake.

I hope it’s been interesting and, as always, if you have any questions or proposals leave a comment below ^_^

Oh! And if you take a picture using this tutorial, please let me know in my social networks or here, I will love to see your work! 😍

Latest comments
  • Me compré este stand transparente a raíz de tu foto, ya lo sabes, estoy esperando a que llegue para poner este truco en práctica! Muchas gracias por los tutoriales, ayudan mucho a quienes somos novatos en esto ^^

  • This was a really great tutorial! I have seen other methods where people take a picture with and without the subject and just erase the stand out. But, that requires a tripod. Have you tried that method as well??

  • I always liked such pictures with a lively free standing pose without visible support, I always wanted to do something similar, but decided that it’s too much work and risky for the doll XD. Nevertheless your kind tutorial is quite encouraging to actually try it again (⌒▽⌒)
    These third party doll stands are great with thin metal rods that offer a reliable way to make your doll stand properly.
    Lets see if I can come around with something decent

    Your picture looks really beautiful! (°◡°♡).
    Well of course since it’s Coco ^^

    Did you also do a trick with the flowing hair?

  • Greetings!
    First of all, please forgive my bad English =)
    After, really thank you for your photos, guides and tips! Your guides really help me to improve my own doll photos (or I hope so =) )
    May I ask, stand in this guide situable for usual exposition, or can be used only for photo purposes?
    Currently, i’m looking for 1-2 new stands, cause collection is growing. So I want stands, situable for both purposes.
    Thank you!

  • Hey!
    Ive recently bought the same stand as you since it looked like exactly what I wanted.
    I am really happy with it but I really wonder what the second bolt nut and the rubbery tack on spot from 3M are for? Ive used one of the bolt nuts to attach the Arm to the Stand but I am really out of clues what to do with the rest xD
    I hope that you can elighten me what those are for.