How to remove stains from a Dollfie Dream

Stains… the great enemy of Dollfie Dream collectors. If you have already suffered or want to avoid them, this is your post: I’ll explain what they are, how to prevent them and how to remove stains from a Dollfie Dream, using my real case as an example. Here we go!


What is a stain?


Stain‘ is the nomenclature for the marks or color transfers in the skin of Dollfie Dreams. They are famous because appear rather easily and are difficult to remove.

This happens because they aren’t superficial spots, but are “inside the skin”. Dollfie Dreams are made of vinyl, a porous material that absorbs the pigment that can be in clothes, accessories and even your hands. Anything that is in contact with the Dollfie Dream’s skin can stain.


How to remove stains from a
Dollfie Dream?


My case

Years ago I went to a doll meetup during the summer and brought my Millhiore in my Volks Carrying Case. Meanwhile, a dress accesory was in contact with the chin of my DD, so, due to that and the summer heat, two purple stains appeared on her face. I almost died when I saw it, but I got down to work inmediately following the process I explain below.

► There are several ways and products to remove stains. I will explain the way I cleaned my DD’s stains, following the process explained in this tutorial from the ‘Dollfie Dreams’ forum (which I recommend reading, it’s really complete), but using another product.

This blackberry-shaped accessory is the culprit of the stains

It’s one of the most complicated areas because makeup can get damaged



Materials Needed

  • A cleaning cream,  I used Cif
  • A lamp that emits heat
  • Sponge or “magic eraser”
  • Cotton swab
  • Fabrics or paper towels to cover delicate areas (such as makeup)

About the cleaning cream

The most used products are those that contain 10% benzoyl peroxide, the highest concentration available, and act within a 72-hour lapse. Brands such as “Remove Zit”, “Dream Rescue” by Volks or “Oxy” (an acne remover) are the most used by collectors.

As you can see, many products can be used to remove the stains from a Dollfie Dream, but the important thing is that it contains benzoyl peroxide. You can search for it in the back label of the cleaner. Cif contains a similar component and in a lower proportion: which makes it much slower than other products, but softer and recommended for critical areas such as the face. In my case, the process lasted 3 weeks and the makeup wasn’t damaged.



Cleaning process


1. Clean the stained area with the magic eraser or a slightly wet cloth.

2. Prepare a place with the lamp and the piece you want to treat. Try to choose an area with controlled light and free of pets/children/curious people because you’re going to work there for a relatively long time.

3. Cover delicate areas, such as makeup, with white fabric or paper towels. If it’s a part of the body, it’s not necessary.

4. Put the lamp about 10-15cm from the piece and turn it on. Let it act for 30 minutes in order to warm the area and open the pores of the vinyl.

5. Apply the cleaning cream with a cotton swab or a similar object.

6. Leave the piece under the lamp for 4-5 hours.

7. Remove the excess cream and clean the area to continue the next day.

8. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 until the stain has been completely removed.




After 1 week


After 2 weeks


After 3 weeks


Final result


Shortly after three weeks, the final result is what you see here.

It’s important to say that I applied this process in the evenings (Monday to Friday) and that each stain is different, so the cleaning times can vary a lot.

In the end, the key of the process is patience and perseverance. Of course, if the stain is very large and dark I recommend changing the piece directly; not all stains disappear completely.


How to avoid stains?

  • Use a body stocking while you have your Dollfie Dream exposed.
  • Use a wig cap made of fabric.
  • Use white lined clothes.
  • If you want to use dark clothes, put it on your Dollfie Dream only for the photo session.
  • Wash your hands before holding your Dollfie Dream, you can have pigment in your hands even if you don’t see it.
  • If you have dyed hair, especially in fantasy colors, don’t touch your hair while handling your Dollfie Dream and try to wear it tied, since you can transfer the dye from it to the skin of your doll (yep, it happened to me).
  • Don’t expose your Dollfie Dream to the sun for a long time: heat accelerates the process of absorbing the pigment.
  • It’s advisable to wash the clothes with vinegar before using them.
  • Do not fear them. They will end up appearing but, as you can see, there is a solution. Don’t let them stop you from enjoying your doll 100%  ♡
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